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About 10 years ago, Autodesk stopped providing updates for the MapGuide Viewer that is needed to view the Wayne County Online GIS. We have continued to provide service to the site until Microsoft officially retired Internet Explorer this year. Internet Explorer is the only web browser that will work with the map viewer. So after 20 years of service this website is retiring and will go offline sometime after September 1st, 2022.

Wayne Countys primary GIS website is Beacon, and it is operated by Schneider Geospatial. It does not require a login or a viewer to download and it is mobile friendly. To Access the site click the link to the right.

NOTE: IF you use this site to add data or if there are layers here that you would like to see on Beacon, email your comments to GIS Director

The MapGuide Viewer only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer!

Beacon Viewer

For users that would prefer to use browsers other then Internet Explorer, or are having trouble with our MapGuide viewer,we have another map service through Schneider's Corporation Beacon Maps.

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